2021 Advanced Manufacturing Outlook Report Featuring Mike Tidy – GM of ATS Digital Solutions

2021 Advanced Manufacturing Outlook Report

The focus of the 2021 Advanced Manufacturing Report is Industry 4.0, or more specifically if Canadian manufacturers are ready for digital transformation, the challenges, and the rewards.

The 2021 edition features perspectives from a variety of leaders across the Canadian manufacturing industry on a range of current topics, from the ways manufacturing processes have been impacted by COVID -19, to how organizations are using IIoT-enabled technologies to improve their manufacturing operations.

Included in the report are comments from Mike Tidy, General Manager of ATS Digital Solutions, who joined 11 other industry experts in a virtual roundtable discussion. The conversation centered on where Canadian manufacturers are in terms of their adoption of Industry 4.0 technologies, and where the industry is headed over the next few years. The discussion helps contextualize the trends and insights captured in the survey portion of the 2021 Advanced Manufacturing Outlook Report.

It’s one thing if I’m collecting data, but if I can’t talk to the other machines collecting it or even interface with my other systems to aggregate the data, that becomes a bit of an issue. We’re starting to see that being overcome” – Mike Tidy, Advanced Manufacturing Outlook 2021 Report

The centerpiece of the report is the industry survey completed by 183 manufacturing business owners and senior executives. The survey results shed light on the priorities of Canadian manufacturers with respect to strategy and investment, including (but certainly not limited to);

– Benefits realized by upgrading technology
– Security measures taken to combat cybersecurity threats
– How businesses are monetizing the data they collect
– Current levels of automation

The full report is well worth reading, especially if you are looking for a strategic advantage through the adoption of IIoT and Industry 4.0 technologies in your manufacturing operations.

The 2021 Advanced Manufacturing Report was published by Canadian Manufacturing magazine and Plant magazine.


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