Life Science
IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence has been chosen by the world’s leading medical device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies’ for their production lines. When it comes to medical devices and pharmaceuticals, we know speed and quality are the key deliverables. Whether it’s stringent production quality control or increasing the efficiency of an existing automation system, we offer the factory floor experience, manufacturing intelligence, and production reliability life sciences and their customers demand.

Advancing transformational intelligence in life sciences manufacturing and production.

  • Employs its industry-leading expertise, proven capabilities and good manufacturing practices to serve the specialized needs of biotechnology, pharmaceutical and medical device producers.
  • By combining our manufacturing intelligence with our integrated vision, diagnostics, and reliability engineering solutions, we assist the world’s leaders in life sciences quickly and cost-effectively to produce medical and diagnostic devices that improve public health on a global scale.

Automotive, powertrain and aerospace customers look to IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence for production performance and cost-effective sustainability, for a world on the move. We’ve illuminated and optimized assembly systems around the globe that help put safe and reliable cars and trucks on the road and planes in the sky. And as the market continues its shift toward the electrification of vehicles (EVs), our customers are turning to IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence to help them cost-effectively scale and produce emerging technologies for advanced batteries and driverless cars.

Driving efficiency and quality control in transportation manufacturing.

  • A trusted partner for automotive, aerospace and heavy equipment manufacturers and their suppliers on a global basis.
  • Customers rely on IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence for high-speed, high-accuracy performance and processing data and sustainable production lines.
  • Customers depend on IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence to help them drive transformative manufacturing as they automate steering, drivetrain and electronic components used in hybrid, electric and conventional vehicles, produce critical aerospace components and manufacture heavy machines.

Consumer Products and Electronics
IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence empowers consumer goods and electronics companies to stay competitive and deliver everything from mass to order of one products. Developed on a proven platform, our customers rely on the operational visibility, performance analysis, and quality control that IlluminateTM Manufacturing provides – allowing them to manufacture with confidence and respond to shifting market trends. We work with customers to deliver the high-performance production lines needed to manufacture cost-effective, first-class products.

Delivering manufacturing stability for consumer products and electronics.

  • The IlluminateTM solution serves consumer products and electronics industries by providing scalable IIoT manufacturing intelligence solutions that power consistent product quality – from a single line to the entire factory floor – from the first unit of production to the last.
  • Brand leaders rely on us for innovative, flexible, and expert recommendations to bring their proven products and market-disrupting innovations to consumers quickly and cost effectively around the world.

Through IlluminateTM Manufacturing Intelligence, we power the insights that help energy companies keep the lights on and things moving. Our experts work with solar panel, power generation and battery energy storage manufacturers to maximize throughput, optimize production processes, and minimize waste – producing a sustainable competitive edge for a clean and bright future.

Propelling dynamic quality management possibilities for energy and chemical producers.

  • ATS applies its proven factory floor IIoT platform to assist the safe and efficient handling and production of devices and components used in nuclear, chemical, oil and gas, solar, battery, water and waste water treatment industries.
  • The IlluminateTM platform is a reliable source for customers worldwide who need specialized end-to-end manufacturing intelligence and support to meet their production goals and regulatory commitments.

Illuminate’s intelligent management platform is continually analyzing all data produced and utilizing feedback to allow you to course-correct your process without manual intervention.

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