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The Illuminate™ software is real-time IIoT manufacturing intelligence that drives and sustains your manufacturing OEE, and delivers superior operational performance. Illuminate Manufacturing Intelligence pinpoints where to focus efforts to reduce downtime, realize OEE gains, maximize line throughput, and improve product quality.

Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence provides the information and insight from automation equipment required by the business and factory floor operators to achieve the production and business outcomes that will help drive profitable success. Technicians, engineers and planners will have the data intelligence to propel continuous improvements, increase efficiency and quickly troubleshoot process and product issues across the line; ultimately lowering Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

Built on an open architecture platform, Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence is a comprehensive factory-floor management system that monitors, compiles, stores and reports on production data to enable optimization of your manufacturing resources. It delivers value in all of your facilities from individual stations to multiple plants, and everything in between.

Monitor systems
Monitor operations anytime and anywhere from our turnkey, integrated, mobile and secure single-point platform.
Capture data
Capture real-time OEE intelligence across lines, machines, and locations for top down, bottom up continuous improvement.
Increase control
Increase control and communication with integrated visual KPIs and SPC analytics and reports.
Improve performance
Improve equipment efficiency, yield, and lifespan through predictive maintenance.
Respond to issues quickly and unlock hidden performance.
Decrease cost
Decrease cost through automated parts management with integrated Statistical Process Control provisioning directly from Illuminate™ Manufacturing Intelligence.
Inform decisions
Enhance your Production Management’s decisions 24/7 with our remote and secure web-reporting and mobile connectivity.
Engage your team
Empower the operational team to drive greater operational efficiency and continuous improvement through real-time notifications via the desktop or mobile alerts.
Maintain quality
Sustain product quality through asynchronous processing and visual inspection and visual quality.
Enhance your systems
Enhance your existing business and factory-floor systems leveraging our open architecture platform capable of interfacing with other software packages, systems, and databases.
Illuminate’s intelligent management platform is continually analyzing all data produced and utilizing feedback to allow you to course-correct your process without manual intervention.

Value Driven Software

As an Illuminate™ client, you will have access to continuing Manufacturing Intelligence   Innovations like these:

Latest Software Releases

  • Annual major releases & quarterly updates
  • Patches & maintenance releases

Security & Functional Improvements

  • Ongoing enhancements & updates
  • Usability & interface enrichments

Reporting Developments

  • Frequent releases of new reports
  • Frequent releases of new dashboards

Reporting & Module Developments

  • Continual functional enhancements of existing modules
  • Progressive module innovation

Scalable Applications

The Illuminate™ platform is a modular system that be scaled and expanded to provide additional value insight into your system performance:

Ease of Manufacturing Intelligence Synchronization

  • Reduction in costs
  • Flexible applications
  • Modular augmentation intelligence
  • Asynchronous processing
  • Operator shared learning
  • Across lines and systems
  • Any machine hardware support and integration
  • Anywhere you manufacture

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