An Agile Approach to Digital Transformation in Industrial Enterprises

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Evolution not Revolution: The case for an Agile approach to Digital Transformation

We always look at data and we get some insight, and we think it’s interesting, but it is about taking it to the next level … what it is telling you, and how do you take action?” – Mike Tidy, General Manager, ATS Digital Solutions

It has never been easier to get data out of manufacturing automation systems. As a result, more and more manufacturers want to use the data generated by their manufacturing operations to drive efficiencies and increase profitability.

Despite the promise of digital transformation, nearly one-third of digitalization projects never get beyond the proof of concept stage. The time and effort needed to scale a successful PoC is often unaccounted for upfront, leading to significant challenges once the focus shifts to rollout and commercialization. Other blockers include the lack of talent, concerns about integrating with legacy systems and the pressure to deliver short term results.

Taking an Agile approach to digitalization enables businesses to focus on initiatives with the greatest chances of success taking into account current priorities, and available resources. Agile also breaks projects down into a series of manageable pieces, with built-in feedback loops to ensure they stay on track.

During this webinar you will learn:

  • Why digital transformation initiatives are so popular … and yet, not that successful
  • The right time to invest in “platforms”
  • Problems along the path to digitalization and the value of domain knowledge
  • The benefits of an agile approach to digital transformation
  • How to evaluate the capabilities of an outside partner

BONUS – Example of a “quick win” combining data from a manufacturing line and ERP system in a cloud environment, that can start small and be scaled up quickly with minimal effort.

This webinar was recorded during the ATS Virtual Expo, held December 2020. The webinar was presented by Mike Tidy, General Manager, ATS Digital Solutions, together with Damian Stellmach, Senior Business Development Manager, PA Solutions.

You can watch a recording of the webinar on YouTube here:

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